What We Do

Services designed to meet the specialized needs of a variety of stakeholders.

Our proven service offering

That complete suite allows us to expand our offerings to clients across a variety of asset classes, from student loans to solar and home improvement. It also helps drive a level of success that prompts clients to return again and again, confident to bring us in on new and complex transactions. Those lasting relationships are the foundation of our business.
Asset 7

Student Loans


Home Improvement

Our Services

We’ve designed our services to meet the specialized needs of a wide range of clients, from investors, banks, hedge funds, and loan originators, to schools and construction companies.

Asset Management

We handle all the difficulties of day-to-day loan management and deliver customized services spanning financial reporting, cash management, and transaction compliance monitoring.



We have the resources, expertise, and operational infrastructure to both manage and invest in opportunities ranging in size and structure.


Our outcome-based approach disrupts the way traditional lending is done. It relies on analytics and commonsense decision-making to inform smarter investments.

Client Success Story

Default Rates Reduced By ~50%

Situation: A NY-based hedge fund interested in nontraditional investment vehicles acquired a portfolio of student loans on the secondary market.