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Loan Servicing – Why you may need more than one loan servicing solution.

In lending, loan servicing is time and resource-intensive. While many companies have the financial resources and accounting expertise to handle loan servicing internally, the record-keeping and compliance burden along with the need for better borrower-facing technology makes loan servicing costly and detracts from their core business. Knowing what servicing services your institution needs can be…

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It’s Never Too Late: Recovery Strategies to Prevent Loss

Loans that have defaulted and are no longer being paid are in the recovery stage of the lending cycle. A comprehensive strategy for optimizing portfolio performance will include a plan to address collections for these defaulted loans. Formulate a plan to address outstanding collectibles. Lenders should address outstanding collectibles using either internal resources or by…

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It’s Never Too Early to Begin Default Prevention

When a loan becomes past due it enters the delinquency stage of the lending cycle. A loan that remains delinquent for an extended period of time will enter default which makes it difficult to resume a loan agreement and continue repayment. The key to improving performance during the delinquency stage is early intervention strategies that…

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Collections Strategies That Improve Portfolio Performance

A loan that remains delinquent for an extended period of time will enter the default stage, which means a borrower has violated the terms of their agreement and the loan payment is now due in full. In order to prevent loss and improve portfolio performance, a lender can partner with specialized agencies who help collect…

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Loan Servicing is More Than Collecting Payments

After origination a loan will enter the repayment stage and may remain there until paid in full. Most lenders choose a loan servicing partner to manage the repayment process on their behalf. Optimizing portfolio performance during the repayment stage requires effective loan servicing and default prevention solutions. Improve repayment by enhancing the borrower’s loan servicing…

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Improving Loan Repayment Starts with Communication

After origination a loan may enter the deferment stage where repayment is delayed for a set amount of time, often several months. A lender should design a comprehensive communication strategy for the deferment stage in order to ensure their borrowers are prepared for the start of repayment. Communicate regularly with borrowers to improve repayment rates.…

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Optimizing Loan Performance Starts Early

Origination, which is the initial funding and disbursement of a loan, marks the first stage in the lending cycle. For most lenders, the process of optimizing loan performance begins prior to origination and includes research and development of loan management strategies for the entire lending cycle. Successful loan program design starts with due diligence and…

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Strategies That Improve Portfolio Performance [Infographic]

The lending cycle contains six distinct stages, each requiring different operational strategies and resources. Lenders and investors need to consider the entire lending cycle and develop optimization strategies that address the needs of each stage in the loan process.

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